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Roll up, Roll up! Heres a postcard swap with me and new member Alex Prewett!

Alex (bottom) sent me a drawing of me as a busy worker bee evaluating and drawing the finest flowers, to help develop bee studies on pollination!

I sent Mr Morph (top) A side show performer who can transform into many different animals at the twist of a mechanism. What a grand performance!

A great swap between me and Maia Fjord!

Maia (bottom) sent me a winter warmer motiviational postcard with a floating daydreamer! This tends to be me at the best of times! You can check more of Maia’s work here.

I sent a western flat pack playset postcard (top). Complete with a pop up cactus and tumbleweed!

Ah! I am so pleased with all these amazing postcards I have recieved over the last month, this one is a real treat by Amy Marsh!

Amy (bottom) sent me this great 2 page postcard of a scientest with a brilliant reveal! Is this a painting of me? It’s basicaly what happens whenever I try to mix a nice turquoise!

I sent sent Amy a fox sherrif hunting down a nudist in a forest (top) with a sliding mechanism to reveal his escape!(?)

Just finished another great swap with new member Jess Bennett.

Jess sent me this cracking tiger (bottom) with a little mechanism inside to reveal a ROARING surprise. If you are not familiar with Jess’s work, check her website here!

I sent Jess a fold out post[er]card (top) that reveals a muffin man on his daily rounds. He folds out like an old city map!

Just finished a great swap for postcard club with new club member Aleesha Nandhra (bottom). She sent me a suave banjo player! (I like to imagine he looks like Robin Williams). If you aren’t familiar with her work you should check it out!

I sent Aleesha a ship in a bottle postcard (top), the infamous HMS Draper, who fought along the shores of the river Camb. It has slip on feet so it can stand on a mantlepiece!

A crop of some work in progress for Fika Fika. Check the website for previous illustrators work at! #illustration #bird #letsfika
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This is my postcard swap with Mike Driver (bottom). I think I can spell my name in his postcard, check him out! My postcard (top) Turned into a wierd shape because I kept adding carts, but it’s a fold out train ride!